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Саут-Бич хоть и расположен в пределах района Майами-Бич, но стоит особняком.

South Beach has been called the American Riviera and an Art Deco Playground. Yet there's more than fine white sand and colorful buildings to South Beach's fantasyland of exuberant Deco architecture. South Beach offers an eclectic mix of world-class boutiques, galleries and stores. It's also a culinary hot spot for everything from gourmet to casual beachside cuisine. At night, South Beach comes alive with crowds ready to go out and have a world-class evening out.

South Beach is the Miami of postcards; the skyline of Ocean Drive has been featured on television what must be millions of times, and yes, the people are as beautiful and as they look on the tube. South Beach may be a world class partying hotspot, and that's not to be overlooked, but the daytime destinations on the island are as notable, and perhaps, more memorable, than the nightlife.

The clear blue water and the white sand beaches are a must-see for any Miami visitor; even for locals, the beautiful beach just doesn't get old. If you're taking a break from the sun, check out one of the many museums, shops or historic buildings in the area. Take a stroll down Lincoln Road for the best people watching in Miami or cozy up to a fancy bar with haute cocktails.

South Beach is an architect buff's paradise. The Art Deco buildings are an iconic part of the city and its "sun and fun" history. Soak it all in; there are certainly more than enough things to do in South Beach, Miami. For more information, be sure to stop by these Visitor Information Centers: Art Deco Welcome Center , Visit Miami Beach-Visitors Center, Miami Beach Tourist Hospitality Center and LGBT Visitor Center.

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Саут-Бич, пожалуй, самый известный район Майами. Это совершенно фантастическое по живописности место с пляжной атмосферой, отличными заведениями и публикой со всего света. Есть здесь и свои секретные места. Морган расскажет нам, как их найти. Изучите его путеводитель по Саут-Бич и советы местных жителей.

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